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Shinjuku Project

The most well known shopping area in Japan, near the East Exit of Shinjuku Station, has long been a vibrant commercial district and the site of continuous dynamic development.

The structures in this area have already begun to age, and systematic renovation is now necessary. Foot traffic circulates on an increasing number of routes, particularly around the East Exit area, and rethinking ways of managing pedestrian flow near the East Exit underpass has become an urgent matter, as well.

This project will take a leading role in the rebuilding of the area's commercial facilities and other buildings, as well as in the additional landscaping and urban planning that will make this area a pleasant and convenient place to spend time.

Property Site

Location23-7 Shinjuku 3-chome,Shinjuku-ku
Nearest stationJR Shinjuku Station and Seibu Shinjuku Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line
Floor space1,673.99㎡
ZoningCommercial district
Bldg. coverage rate80% (100% fireproofed)
Floor-area ratio900%

Chronology of Construction

Shinjuku ProjectCompletion at the end of March 2010

Shinjuku Project2009 Dec.

Shinjuku Project2009 Oct.

Shinjuku Project2009 Aug.

Shinjuku Project2009 Jul.

Shinjuku Project2009 Jun.

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