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Basic Policy Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

Yunika Corporation (hereafter, “the Company”) recognizes the importance of safeguarding the personal information of the users of its Web site, and understands that it has a social responsibility to adhere to laws and regulations while paying the utmost attention to the protection of such personal information. Accordingly, the Company has formulated the following policy for handling personal information.

Basic Policy Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

[1]Acquisition of Personal Information
When the Company collects personal information, it shall clearly state its intentions for collecting the information and limit the scope of personal information to only what is necessary for such intentions.
[2]Scope of Personal Information
Personal information shall be limited in scope to the data required for distinguishing individuals, such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
[3]Intended Use of Personal Information
The Company shall use personal information provided by users of its Web site within the scope of the following objectives:
  1. Accepting enquiries
  2. Conducting surveys, distributing information by e-mail, announcing events, and awarding various prizes
[4]Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company shall only disclose personal information provided by users of its Web site to third parties in the following cases:
  1. The users have given consent
  2. Such disclosure is requested by authorities in connection with laws and regulations or other prerogatives
[5]Joint Usage of Personal Data
In the event the Company discloses the personal information provided by users to businesses that it outsources, the information shall be limited to the amount necessary for the outsourced operations, and an agreement with the outsourced company shall be concluded to ensure that it conducts the same strict standards of personal information protection as the Company.
[6]Secure Management of Personal Information
In the management of personal information provided by users, the Company shall appoint individuals in charge of such management, implement appropriate controls, and carry out measures designed to prevent possible leaks of personal information outside the Company.
[7]Usage of SSL Encrypted Communication
The Company’s Web site employs encrypted communication based on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to securely transmit data needed to protect information including the privacy information of the site’s users. Specifically, the application of the SSL protocol protects information exchanged between the Web server used by the Company and the Web browsers used by users of its Web site.
Users do not need to make special Internet settings with regards to the SSL protocol. Nevertheless, if a user’s browser is not set up to work with SSL, or if the browser is incompatible with SSL, users should be aware that their browser might not be able to display pages of the Company’s Web site or enable information to be submitted to the site.
[8]Protection of Personal Information from Linked Web Sites
The Company regrets that it is unable to take responsibility for guaranteeing the security of personal information from third parties via their Web sites linked to the Yunika Vision Web site. With respect to the protection and management of personal information by the operators of these linked Web sites, users are requested to individually confirm the privacy policies or other relevant documents of each respective third party.

In the event the Company revises its policy regarding the acquisition, scope, or the intended usage of personal information provided by users, it shall provide information updates on its Web site.

This policy is effective from November 19, 2010.
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