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Real Estate and Maghreb Business Department Executive Manager    Fumito Hiramoto

My work is in property management. Entrusted with building assets, my role is to oversee the operation and management of the real estate to increase profitability on behalf of the landowner. This includes introducing and contracting tenants, collecting rent, and overall maintenance of the property. Although the landowner and tenant are both clients, we also consider visitors who shop, eat and otherwise use the commercial facilities in the building valued customers, and endeavor to revitalize not only the real estate property but the locality as well. This helps increase visitors and sales profit for the tenants, which leads to stable rent acquisition, and brings satisfaction to both landowner and tenant. Of course, progressing operational management based on profitability in compliance with the landowner's request is the main objective. But I also feel the true delight of this work when we enhance the value of the real estate and surrounding locality by realizing a safe and comfortable environment for facility visitors. By fulfilling my duty in this work supporting the vital assets of our clients, I hope to further strengthen our reliability through the accumulation of trust from many more customers.

Russia Business Promotion Department Executive Manager    Munekazu Horiuchi

The Real Estate Division initially began start-up operations for independent businesses. Now 25 years later, our division has grown to conduct overall operational management and planning in real estate businesses. In recent years, we are further advancing our real estate businesses to the global stage, including development in the Russian and Ukraine regions. From commercial facilities to condominiums and residential facilities, we construct various facilities from the ground up, striving to develop an environment that brings joy to every user. Maintaining a business manager's perspective, each and every employee performs as a leader to effectually produce their projects which they have conceived on their own. As large financial transactions are involved in real estate, project leaders consequently carry a heavy responsibility and endure a great deal of pressure. But through organizing a team and acting as team leader on a project, a strong sense of solidarity builds among members. When the team meets their project goal, other than simple business profit, the sense of accomplishment comes back as a bigger reward. We are proud of every facility that we have built. Not only answering to customer needs but bringing much more to users, we will continue to utilize our accumulated experience and know-how to develop facilities in Japan and abroad.

Real Estate Division Assistant Executive Manager    Youhei Hishida

I transferred from the Amusement Division to the Real Estate Division in November 2016. I was formerly a floor manager at a pachinko parlor for 10 years before my transfer. So, turning over a new leaf by learning the real estate business from scratch, I aim to work as a fresh employee ready to absorb new knowledge. Presently, my main work is in contact services with the tenants of our various commercial facilities. This involves diverse real estate management operations such as tenant contract and facility management cases, and I am continually learning many more things from new development projects as well. The company culture and workplace environment enables me to continue my studies in real estate businesses. Utilizing what I have learned here, my future goal is to acquire my own property to develop and operate a large-scale pachinko parlor and commercial facility. To realize my future plan, I will keep studying diligently and apply my knowledge to contribute in the business developments of Yunika, a company which continues to grow everyday.

Real Estate Division Sales Department, Planning Section Section Chief    Hiroshi Nawano

Currently, our company's rental property business is managing approximately 150 rooms in the Tokyo metropolitan area. All employees work together as a team to provide a residence where tenants can enjoy daily living. One of our strongpoints is the ability to speedily handle any problems or issues tenants may encounter through our company's coherent operations and management. We conduct daily operations with the aim to provide a comfortable living environment for our tenants. Indeed, I am glad I chose this profession every time a tenant says with a smile, 'This was a great place' when moving away. As for myself, I am continually learning the importance of working with people and building human relations through my job on a daily basis. Our meeting with a tenant each holds a different story, and the residence which choose becomes a part of their life. We hope to continue providing reliable residences that supports daily living, and enables tenants to create an enriching chapter in their lives.

Real Estate Division    Kimiko Tanaka

My work is involved in sales support and administrative affairs at the Real Estate Division. I have just joined Yunika, but by actively working on each business task with focused interest, the principled workplace environment offers many opportunities for new employees such as myself to become involved in not only clerical work but a wide range of operations, and properly appraises work results. I began my job as a complete novice in the real estate industry, but thanks to the supportive workplace environment and senior employees, I have been able to gradually understand the course of action of sales reps, and clearly feel my development. As a member of the Real Estate Division involved in commercial facility developments, I hope to keep doing my best in providing backup to those on-site at the frontline, anticipate and provide effective operational support when needed, and continue to advance myself to become a reliable presence that can be counted on for any task.

Commercial Facilities Management Department, Facilities Management Section Chief    Kou Nihei

The main operation of the Facilities Management Department is the maintenance of various subsidiary facilities of commercial facilities, as well as the investigation and structuring proposals to further improve the surrounding environment. Facility maintenance is one term, but as equipment facilities as so diverse, maintenance requires basic knowledge at the very least of each differing facility and equipment in structure and mechanism. And, even with the understanding of its structure or workings, this does not guarantee perfect perception or handling of equipment defects. I believe the unceasing effort and experience gained through conducting daily inspection patrols heightens all senses which then lead to the detection, discovery and handling of any abnormalities at an early stage. We purposefully conduct our daily operations aware that by focusing on the daily inspection patrols, we provide the facility users with a better environment and a preventative maintenance method. While being aware of the responsibility facility management carries in maintaining a stable, comfortable environment for facility users and workers, our work enables the building facilities to operate and I believe this worthwhile duty brings a very satisfying response in our work. At present, the number of company-owned properties is increasing with our business expansion, and I hope to further advance together with the Facilities Management Department through conducting accurate maintenance operations.

Commercial Facilities Management Department, Facilities Management Section    Wataru Kawahara

Facilities management involves, of course, the maintenance of various facilities and equipment including electric power facilities, air conditioning, plumbing system, mechanical equipment and boiler equipment. But, it also entails other operations in various areas, including eco-friendly planning to conserve fuel and light costs, as well as designing, drafting and proposing renovation plans for aging buildings. A surprising amount of diverse knowledge is required here, and after joining the company, I earned certifications related in the electrical and firefighting fields. First understanding the technology used in the facility, if any issues arise, I focus on getting to the root of the problem by applying what knowledge I have gained. There's a great sense of achievement when the facility has made a full recovery. Regarding our company, we are assigned maintenance operations for various buildings and facilities with differing purposes, including old commercial buildings to relatively new commercial buildings, residential complexes and amusement facilities. As such, facility issues differ with each case in diverse ways, which enables us to continually gain new knowledge. Also, being able to conduct qualified inspections of fire prevention measures in-house is a unique experience, as most other companies outsource to different agencies. No facility can function without a mechanically sound building. In that sense, I feel facilities management holds a crucial position. I will continue my work with pride that enables the smooth flow of work for employees without trouble, and secures the safe environment for customers to enjoy the facilities.

Commercial Facilities Management Department, Facilities Management Section    Hayato Matsui

Our aim in building management for commercial facilities is to provide a comfortable commercial environment for its users. As our department does not realize profits, we are always conscious of cost reduction in operations, and focus on functionality and efficiency when proposing new installations to a facility. When a proposal is accepted, I become in charge of the entire plan, responsible for leading and adjusting the overall operational process. The position carries a fair amount of responsibility, but it's also a worthwhile challenge. Again, from the cost reduction standpoint, we prepare judicial and administrative documents in-house for submission and conduct our own qualified building inspections for smaller scale properties. As such, acquiring qualifications is actively encouraged. Within our various proposals, often times we do proceed with cases which include unknown factors, or may be out of our field of expertise. During such cases, we of course have the chance to deepen individual knowledge, but I believe it truly helps to improve our sales and communication abilities through working closely together with senior colleagues and contractors. Through the success of the Real Estate Division, I am certain the number of management properties will increase as well as the number of facility management employees. I consider it essential for each one of us to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge from our daily operations, gain confidence through study and acquiring qualifications, in order to be able to give precise employee training and to effectively launch maintenance operations for new properties in the future.

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