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Corporate Profile

Business Management Division

In-house Think Tank Sharpens Business Decision-making

This division employs the massive amounts of data acquired by the entire Yunika Group to ensure a clear and concise understanding of how the company is performing at any given point, and to accurately assess the business environment in which it operates. It analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the Yunika Group to develop the management strategies needed as we move forward. This precise and detailed analysis of the entire Group's accounts lays the foundation for prompt and decisive action. The Business Management Division is, of course, a key player in developing the company's management policy.

Business Management and Consulting for All Sectors

The data gathered by the Business Management Division is a vital resource for all other Yunika divisions. Financial and operational assessments for the Group as a whole, as well as for individual Yunika outlets, shed light on current corporate conditions. This division plays an important role in the development of highly efficient business strategies by providing necessary data and proposing appropriate measures.
The Business Management Division also submits proposals for new outlets, financial strategies, sales plans and human resource strategies based on the mission and policy of individual Yunika divisions.

■Overview of Business Divisions

Business Management Division

The business division in charge of management and business strategies for each business of the Yunika Group

Amusement Division

The business division in charge of the planning, management and operations of GOLD ON pachinko and slot-machine parlors

Real Estate Division

The business division in charge of setting up commercial facilities and opening new business outlets

Maghreb Division

The business division in charge of operations of facilities and stores that contribute to revitalizing local communities

Digital Signage Division

We are a division charged with operating the outdoor Yunika Vision screens in Shinjuku.

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