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2017 KIST HFH Team efforts

With the cooperation of on-site staff, the 2017 KIST HFH team began housing construction from scratch for those in need of homes.

There were absolutely no heavy equipment or construction machinery on site. From digging the ground and concrete mixing to carrying bricks, each construction process had to be completed through manual labor, which certainly tested the team's stamina and spirit. However, working together toward a common goal built up their solidarity, the sense of achievement grew alongside the slowly developing house, and the hope and anticipation of the families in need for homes helped the team to continue their work

The team not only participated in housing construction. Also spending time together, as enjoying meals together with the locals and playing soccer with the children during their break, enabled the students to learn about diverse environments and cultures. Sharing time to develop new understanding and relations was sure to be the most valuable experience.

※Completed home (as of October 17, 2017)


Our CSR activities

As part of our CSR activities, Yunika supports K. International School Tokyo (KIST) in their involvement with the Habitat For Humanity (HFH) volunteer program.

Seeking real estate and tenant buildings situated near train stations

Yunika Corporation aims to further expand its business and increase its market share in Japan. The Company recognizes that prime real estate locations are essential for the success of its business and the competitiveness of its local outlets. Therefore, we invite property owners to contact us directly and discuss the possibility of transferring ownership.

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